Jeff Jackson’s Fundraising Totals $2+ Million for U.S. Senate Campaign in North Carolina

Over $700,000 raised in Q2 from 11,000 individual donors, and a median donation of $15

Charlotte – Jeff Jackson (D) has raised more than $2 million toward his bid to flip North Carolina’s U.S. Senate seat. Jackson’s Q2 fundraising report will show the campaign raised more than $700,000 in the second quarter of 2021, bringing the campaign’s total raise for the cycle to over $2 million.

At 38 years old, Jackson joins a “surge” of millennial candidates running for U.S. Senate across the country. Jackson’s fundraising shows strong grassroots support and energy, with over 11,000 individual donors, donations from all 100 counties, and a median donation of $15 in the second quarter of 2021. 

Highlights from the Q2 report:

“We need a new level of energy, excitement, and transparency if we’re going to flip this seat,” said Senator Jeff Jackson. “A U.S. Senate campaign that holds open town halls to talk about any issue from health care to climate change to water quality in the Cape Fear River is something our state hasn’t seen in a long time. We’re seeing real momentum behind the movement we’re building, and we’re overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from folks across the state.”In the first quarter of 2021, Jackson raised $1.3 million, the second highest Q1 fundraising in the country among Democratic challengers. Read more about Jackson’s first quarter fundraising. The fundraising totals and contributors will be publicly available when Senator Jackson files his second quarter fundraising report with the FEC by July 15th.