Senator Jackson seated on outdoor stairs

Meet Jeff

As a state legislator, veteran, former assistant district attorney, and current member of the Army National Guard, Jeff has dedicated his life to public service. He’s running to bring that record of service and transparency to the Congress.

Congressman Jackson became the second-youngest NC Senator in the state Senate in 2014. He was new to political office, but not new to public service, having enlisted after the attacks of September 11th, trained at Ft. Bragg, and served in Afghanistan. He continues to serve today as a Major in the Army National Guard. He is currently in his 20th year of military service.

After a year-long deployment in Afghanistan, Congressman Jackson attended law school at UNC-Chapel Hill with help from the G.I. bill, before serving as the assistant district attorney in Gaston County. In Gaston County, he tried more than one hundred cases. In the process, he saw firsthand how a failure to properly invest in and prioritize public education, economic development, mental health care, and criminal justice reform was harming people and families across North Carolina.

In the General Assembly, Congressman Jackson dedicated much of his time to reforming the criminal justice system, including working to close the consent loophole, decrease unnecessary charges and arrests, and improve our expungement laws. He has also made statewide and national news for his commitment to ending gerrymandering, repealing HB2, and standing up for honesty and decency on both sides of the aisle.

Jeff is married to Marisa and they have three children: Haden (14), Owen (7), and Avery (4). Jeff is a member of Myers Park Presbyterian Church and currently serves as a Major in the Army National Guard. He drills monthly with the 113th Sustainment Brigade.

Jeff is running for Congress to raise your expectations for federal leadership. We have political leaders who refuse to stand up for us and who have turned a blind eye to several clear challenges we face. The results have been devastating, especially for working people and working families. That ends now. We’re organizing across our state to hear directly from you as we build a North Carolina agenda.

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