Honest & Decent Politics

Before politics comes principle. Without adhering to the basic principles of honesty and decency, there can be no political debate – and no political progress. As a Soldier, a state Senator, a husband, and a father, commitment to those principles has been non-negotiable in my life. We may disagree on certain policies, but my primary mission is to represent the people of North Carolina with honesty and decency – and, hopefully, we can all agree on that.


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Meet Jeff

Senator Jackson became the second-youngest senator in the state Senate in 2014. He was new to political office, but not new to public service, having enlisted after the attacks of September 11th, trained at Ft. Bragg, and served in Afghanistan. He continues to serve today as a Captain in the Army National Guard. He is currently in his 18th year of military service.

In the state Senate, Jeff built a reputation for being transparent, accessible, and candid. Jeff has helped lead the fight against gerrymandering, stood against discriminatory legislation like HB2, supported investments in early childhood education, repeatedly called for raising teacher pay and expanding Medicaid, passed reforms for our criminal justice system, and called out corruption when he saw it.

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100 County Campaign

Every election, we lower our expectations. We settle for less transparency, less energy, less substance. We want to raise your expectations for political leadership. So we’re going to all 100 counties and holding town halls in every one. We’re going to listen and learn and build an agenda that is actually tailored to our state – a North Carolina agenda – not an agenda imported from D.C. or from donors. That means we’re going to be on the road a lot. And we’re going to need your help. Find out how you can get involved here.

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