Jeff Jackson Releases Plan to Stand Up for Hourly Workers Across North Carolina and the Country

Charlotte – Senator Jeff Jackson released a detailed policy plan to address the needs of hourly workers across North Carolina and the country. While holding 100 town halls in 100 days across the state, Jackson spoke with dozens of hourly workers who felt let down and mistreated. Just last week, Oxfam ranked North Carolina as the worst state in the country for workers, based on minimum wage, worker protection policies, and organizational rights.

Jackson’s agenda outlines a path to providing specific relief for hourly workers at the level of their employment, their salary, their benefits, and their opportunities.

Read the full Hourly Workers Agenda here.

Jackson’s agenda comprises eight major policy proposals:

“Some of the most heart-wrenching stories we’ve heard on the campaign trail have been from hourly workers,” said Sen. Jeff Jackson. “Single moms forced back to work days after giving birth. Final moments with loved ones missed. Last-minute schedule changes that happen over and over again, creating incredible stress on families that are already living close to the financial brink. These workers are essential and we need to take action to protect them.”

Sen. Jackson plans to release the rest of his North Carolina Agenda over the coming weeks while he continues to travel the state on his campaign for U.S. Senate.