Jeff Jackson Leads Democratic Field in Cash On Hand; Has Strongest Grassroots Support in North Carolina U.S. Senate Race

Jackson campaign has made large investments in digital, organizing, and staff

Charlotte – Jeff Jackson’s Q2 FEC report shows the campaign has the strongest grassroots support of any candidate in North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race, with a median contribution of $15, more than 11,000 individual donors, and more money raised from small dollar donors than any candidate in the field. 

Jackson leads the Democratic field with over $2 million raised for the cycle and $864,773 cash on hand, putting the campaign in a strong position heading into the third quarter. 

Other highlights from the Q2 report:

The campaign has made large investments in digital, organizing, and on the ground staff, laying the groundwork for the massive mobilization effort that will be necessary to win North Carolina’s U.S. Senate seat. Jackson’s campaign has already invested more than half a million dollars in their digital program, including $315,000 in Q2. 

Part of “a surge” of millennial candidates, Jackson is running a “wholly different campaign” that’s “drawing sizable crowds of curious Democrats many months before the primary.” Jackson has already held more than 50 town halls across the state and shared several specific policy plans to address issues impacting North Carolinians, including water qualitycannabis, and suicide and homelessness in LGBTQ Youth.

“North Carolinians are looking for something different – and they’re finding it in Jeff,” said Dylan Arant, spokesperson for the campaign. “His transparent, energetic, and substantive approach has folks around the state rallying behind this campaign. The grassroots momentum we’re seeing is real and it’s how we win in November.”