Jeff Jackson Announces Support for Ending the Federal Prohibition of Marijuana

Charlotte – Jeff Jackson, (D) candidate for US Senate, today announced his support for ending the federal prohibition of cannabis. 

Sen. Jackson, who is traveling to all 100 of North Carolina’s counties in just 100 days, said this is an issue that is coming up everywhere.  

“The country is moving and we’re standing still. What’s about to become a cash crop for Virginia farmers can still get you prison time in North Carolina,” said Sen. Jackson. “Does this really make sense in light of what we could do instead? We can turn this into a regulated space, still control access, still have rules in place, but stop using this as something that can derail someone’s education, their career, their future.”

Sen. Jackson is pushing for North Carolina to take a regulatory approach, rather than a criminal one, which he says will positively impact communities of color. 

“People of color are over three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana even though white people use it just as much,” said Sen. Jackson. “You cannot have a full conversation about racial justice without addressing the racial patterns of enforcement that we’ve seen with marijuana laws.”

You can watch the full video here.