Our Once in a
Decade Opportunity

In 2018, we broke the supermajority. In 2020, we’re taking the majority. 

Here’s why it’s so important that we take the majority this election:

Every 10 years, we do a new census and use that data to redraw all the districts. North Carolina has a terrible, bipartisan history of using that process to rig elections in favor of the party drawing the map by using gerrymandering. It ends up skewing the legislative agenda and keeps pushing our state back into courtroom battles.

After this election, the majority party will be in charge of redistricting, following the census in 2021. This is the redistricting election.

One party has pledged to end gerrymandering by constitutional amendment; the other has indicated that it will keep abusing the process to protect itself.

This election is the best chance our state has ever had to permanently end gerrymandering. Why does that matter? Because ending gerrymandering will mean having a state legislature that actually reflects the political will of the state, rather than the will of a small handful of special interests. 

We can’t do it without your help.


Our Essential Tasks

Taking the majority will require a massive effort.

The state legislative races will be Line 14 on the ballot, in a cycle that will be dominated by the presidential race. But with redistricting on the line, we can’t afford to lose focus.

This election will set the stakes for the next decade in North Carolina. And because we just broke the supermajority, we know what we have to do to Take the Majority.

We’re going to recruit strong candidates in every district across the state. We’ll build a volunteer base in each race. We’ll fundraise effectively and spend each dollar strategically. Here’s what you can do:



We need your help to identify – and perhaps become – one of our candidates.

Start by taking a look at your hometown and seeing who represents you. Take a look at your district here and if you have questions we can help you figure out what district you’re in. Once you know someone who might be interested in flipping a red seat blue (even if it's not you), let us know so we can answer any questions and, if they decide to run, start supporting them as soon as possible. 

For those with little to no experience running a campaign, please know that we have a full-time staff that works with our candidates and helps them become competitive. Even before you decide to run, our staff is more than happy to review the district with you, go over the numbers, and help you build your own gameplan. That’s their job, and they’re good at it.

Prospective candidates should be in touch here:


Strategic Fundraising

What if there were a fund that only existed to support highly competitive candidates in the closest races? A fund whose sole purpose was to be highly strategic in making the difficult decisions about which candidates have the best chance of winning and then only funding those candidates?

Well, there are two. One is for the Democrats in the state House, and one is for the Democrats in the state Senate.

If you have particular candidates who you know and feel strongly about, please support them. But if you don’t know a candidate – or if you’re the type of person who wants to make sure every dollar is used strategically – then you should give directly to either the House or Senate Democrats.

Here are the links for the House and the Senate fundraising pages.


Digital GOTV Team

We're launching a digital get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort, and we need your help in two ways. As the election approaches, we’re going to send team members articles, infographics, and ready-made social media content about the election.

You’ll have the opportunity to pick and choose what to post – we’ll just supply you with content. Over 40% of the electorate gets their news from social media, so your posts make a big difference!

Or you can help spread the word about voting by joining our text bank. You use an app to text voters and help make plans to vote and introduce people to their legislative candidates.

On the Ground

We can give our candidates a strong start by connecting them with a group of volunteers who are ready to go as soon as the campaign begins - and having a built-in volunteer team will go a long way in helping us recruit strong candidates.

If you’re willing to be a future volunteer for a candidate in your area, let us know. When there is a candidate in your area, we will send you their contact information so you can get involved.

State legislative races will succeed or fail by their volunteer base. Your time makes an enormous difference working on the races that are closer to home. Volunteers should be in touch here:


Join Jeff on the Campaign Trail

Taking the majority starts by talking to voters across the state. In 2018, Jeff had 30 events all around North Carolina and we’re planning more in 2020. Sign up below to find out when he’ll be at an event near you.



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