Stand Against Corrupt Politics

This week we saw historic deception by Republican leadership.

After telling Democrats there were no votes, House Republicans staged an ambush and called a * surprise vote* to override the Governor’s veto on the budget. You can read Sen. Jeff Jackson’s recap of the full story here.

As stated by the staff editorial of the Charlotte Observer:

"Not only was the House vote dishonest, it was carried out by a Republican majority that courts have repeatedly found to have gained seats through illegal gerrymandering. It was an illegitimate majority acting in an unethical way."

The veto still stands in the Senate, where Senate Democrats intend to defend it.

We want leadership to know that this will not be done in our name.

Send the message the this corruption will not be tolerated - AND call on Senate Democrats to stand united and defend the Governor’s veto.

This vote was a political travesty that embarrassed our state and showed how low the current leadership is willing to sink. We reject that form of politics in the strongest possible terms - and we call on Senate Democrats to stand united in their defense of the Governor’s veto.”

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