Honesty & Decency

Before politics comes principle. Without adhering to the basic principles of honesty and decency, there can be no political debate - and no political progress.

That’s why I’ve tried to make those principles the foundation of my approach to politics and policy.

Listed below are some of the policies I think we should take seriously. But I’m putting my commitment to the principles of honesty and decency at the top of this page because I think they come first. We can disagree about policy, but - hopefully - we all agree about the importance of these basic principles.

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Real progress must begin with ensuring fair elections. We must have political leadership that actually represents our state’s political will. The gerrymandering of North Carolina - a long-term, bipartisan failure - must end. Independent redistricting by constitutional amendment is an absolute requirement.

Health Care

Medicaid expansion would create 40,000 jobs, bring $4 billion into our economy each year, expand coverage to 500,000 people, and save roughly 1,000 lives every year. It’s also the single most powerful weapon to combat the opioid epidemic and would lower premiums for everyone by reducing uncompensated medical care.


Connecting and
Creating Jobs

We need the investments in infrastructure and education that lead to new job growth - but we also need to focus on the hurdles people face when trying to connect to existing jobs that are currently unfilled. Those major hurdles often include housing, child care, transportation, and training.

Early Childhood

Early childhood education is a gamechanger for our kids. Every dollar that we invest in early childhood can save seven dollars down the road. North Carolina has a legacy of leadership in this area, but recently we’ve let it slide. We should make this bipartisan issue a top priority.


Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a major issue affecting families across North Carolina. With zoning reforms and key housing investments we can make a huge difference in affordable housing. There’s no reason this can’t be a bipartisan issue.

Raise Teacher Pay

North Carolina teachers are paid almost $8,000 less than the national average and earn less now than they did ten years ago, adjusted for inflation. As a result, a lot of our teachers are leaving to teach elsewhere. North Carolina built its reputation on public education and it's time to revive that legacy.

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