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Before politics comes principle. Without adhering to the basic principles of honesty and decency, there can be no political debate - and no political progress.

As a former assistant district attorney - and current Captain in the Army National Guard - commitment to those principles has been non-negotiable in my professional life. 

As a three-term state Senator, I’ve tried to make those principles the foundation of my approach to politics. 

That’s why I’m putting this at the top of my website. We may disagree on certain policies, but my primary mission is to represent the people of District 37 with honesty and decency - and, hopefully, we can all agree on that.



A Life Dedicated
to Public Service

Jeff's career in public service began after the attacks of September 11th, when he enlisted as a Private in the Army Reserve and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 

After he came home, he attended law school with help from the G.I. Bill and went to work as an assistant district attorney. He tried over one hundred cases ranging from DWI to first degree murder. In the process, he saw up close the results of too little investment in public education, economic development, and mental health care.

Now in the state Senate, Jeff has helped build a bipartisan coalition to end gerrymandering, formed the state's first Early Childhood Education Caucus, and has passed a number of bills to modernize our criminal laws, including a bill that will help thousands of North Carolinians regain the right to drive.

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Our Once in a
Decade Opportunity

In 2018, we broke the supermajority. In 2020, we’re taking the majority.  Here’s why it’s so important that we take the majority this election:

After this election, the majority party will be in charge of redistricting, following the census in 2021. This is the redistricting election.

North Carolina has a terrible, bipartisan history of using that process to rig elections in favor of the party drawing the map by using gerrymandering. But one party has pledged to end gerrymandering by constitutional amendment; the other has indicated that it will keep abusing the process to protect itself.

This election is the best chance our state has ever had to permanently end gerrymandering. Why does that matter? Because ending gerrymandering will mean having a state legislature that actually reflects the political will of the state, rather than the will of a small handful of special interests.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.


Join Jeff on the Campaign Trail

Taking the majority starts by talking to voters across the state. In 2018, Jeff had 30 events all around North Carolina and we’re planning more in 2020. Sign up below to find out when he’ll be at an event near you.



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