North Carolina is the only state in the country where a woman cannot revoke consent to have sex once sex has begun. That means if a woman initially consents and sex turns violent, he cannot be prosecuted for rape — even if he admits that she had clearly withdrawn her consent.

Sounds nuts, but it’s true. 

Right now, we're the only state in the country where no doesn't mean no.

Here are some articles about the need to close this loophole:

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In North Carolina, No Is Not Always No, If The Sex Has Already Started

Questions of consent can make NC sexual assault cases harder to prosecute

This is the fourth time I’ve filed this bill - but this year it has bipartisan support and real momentum.

It would help to show legislative leadership how much demand there is to close this loophole. Sign our petition to lend a hand.

Please support Senate Bill 563. It’s past time for this indefensible loophole to be closed.”

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