Stand Up to the Partisan Power Grab

This week we were called into a special, emergency session to address the needs of those suffering in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.  We passed a disaster relief bill and were adjourned.

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We should have adjourned and gone home, but then - unexpectedly - we were immediately called into a second special session with no clear agenda. 

Within a few hours, over two dozen bills were filed, affecting just about everyone in this state in some manner. One of them strips power from incoming Governor-elect Roy Cooper in a number of ways. 

Regardless of your political party, you deserve leadership that respects you enough not to govern by ambush and circumvent the outcomes of elections. 

Now is the time to have your voice heard. 

Sign the petition to stand up to this blatant partisan power grab. 

Here's a summary of events from the New York Times:

   Read the whole article  here .     

Read the whole article here.